Friday, August 22, 2014

Finance Ministry issued directions to curtail the usage of Paper

 Ministry of Finance, Government of India issued directions to all Ministries / Departments under Government of India to reduce the usage of paper in Central Government offices. 

Full copy of this circular are available here



Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Agitational Programme by Postal JCA

Postal Joint Council of Action comprising of NFPE and FNPO decided to organize agitational programes in various burning issues.

Kindly see a full copy of memorandum here  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices, Palakkad Division vide memo no. B1/9/GL dated 21.07.2014 has issued the following transfers / postings in PA cadre

  1. Smt Beena C, OA DO to be SPM Thekkegramam.
  2. Shri Sadhanandhan K, PA Olavakkot HO to be  SPM Tattamangalam.
  3. Shri Satheeshkumar P, PA Palakkad HO to be SPM Peringottukurussi.
  4. Smt Sreeja Viswanath , OA DO to be SPM Chittur College.
  5. Smt Asha R, PA Palakkad HO to be SPM Kottayi.
  6. Shri Ramaraj P, PA Kozhinjampara to be SPM Parambikulam.
  7. Smt Asha D, PA Muthalamada is posted as Acting  SPM Muthalamada 
  8. Shri Albith P, LRPA is posted as Acting  SPM Kannambra
  9. Shri A Murukan, LRPA is posted as Acting  SPM Chittilanchery

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Introduction of Combined Money Order form

Postal Service Board has introduced a new Combined Money Order form through which eMO/iMO and MMTS can be booked. Please see the order here

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Com. K C Balan Master Remambarance and Study Camp at Malampuzha

From Secretary's Desk

Dear Comrades

     Today world is witnessing the most destructive episode unleashed by the Jingo ‘Israel’ on the Palestine people. Israel is asking the Palestine people to move from their native land and they have made it clear that war will continue until the last man is left from Palestine.

     It is surprising to note that, Western and European Counties like, USA, UK, Germany, France etc who made protest against Iran, Syria and Russia on Ukraine issues are keeping silence towards the massacre by Israel and they are not uttering anything against this barbarian crime.

    Hence, NFPE, Palakkad Divisional Committee strongly condemns the action by Israel and calls upon the entire postal fraternity to make a strong protest against this war opened up by Israel on the hapless Palestine People.

Comradely Yours

National Federation of Postal Employees

Palakkad Divisional Committee