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server problems -palakkad division


Divisional Secretary
Palakkad Division

Circle secretary


Sub: Server related problems at Palakkad

This is regarding the poor server management procedure being in force under our region in general and division in particular. At present the following different brands of servers are used in offices :
1. Wipro
2. H C L
3. H P
The above servers are very old, and not capable of meeting the present requirements . The initial warranty of these servers have already been expired and now these are running on AMC. The AMC of Wipro server systems is now entrusted to M/s Nortec Calicut, recently. HCL/HP servers systems which have hitherto been serviced by M/S HCL Calicut is reported to be out of AMC since 30.10.2010 when contacted over Phone. It is observed that the services and promptness in attending calls by the AMC Firms are very poor and following instances are quoted below for your immediate intervention.
1. Alathur MBR : On 10.05.2010,Wipro Server Motherboard call was logged and Warranty firms (M/S Wipro ) took 8 days to rectify the problem on 18.05.2010. During these days the project arrow DET could not be transmitted inviting adverse comments of the Directorate on V.C
2. Olavakode HPO: Wipro Server went faulty on 28.09.2010 and the call was logged on the same day with M/S Nortec Calicut . The raid controller card inside CPU was reported to be faulty and no compatible device is reportedly available in the local market to replace the defective one. Many a times the firm sent service executive to Olavakkot HPO and still the problem remains unsettled even after two months, despite initiatives from our side.
3. Palakkad HPO: The HP Server is faulty and the case was reported to M/S HCL on 23.11.2010. Now it is reported that the server is out of AMC when contacted the firm over phone.
4. It took about 15 days to rectify the HCL server at Nemmara MDG by the AMC firm and the up keep process of HCL Server of Tattamangalam was also delayed.

Comrade, a high-end server with latest configuration need to be supplied at least in the three HOs of this division. A standard is to be observed while giving AMC for server systems .At least the server systems are to be excluded from the process of going through competitive quotations and the concerned server makers are only to be given AMC invariably. If we go for AMC considering the lowest rates, it is observed that the firms are not capable of undertaking Services to the complex internal dynamics existing inside the Servers. From our past experiences, it is also learnt that the Server spares if requires replacement may not be available with other firms, and they are lack in knowledge of complex architecture of Servers. As this process is initiated at RO, follow up process of all server cases should also be expedited from there itself.
Your immediate intervention to the problems raised as above is highly solicited.
With regards..
Palakkad: Sd/=
29.11.2010. Divisional Secretary.

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Training of PA Candidates: Proposed Schedule ---

Five Training batches will be held at PTC Mysore with 80 PA candidates and 20 SA candidates. Remaining candidates will be given local Training at Trivandrum in three or four batches. First batch at PTC, Mysore from 24th January 2011. Training of last batch in PTC Mysore up to November 2011. Dates of Trivandrum batches will be finalised soon. This may start in January or February-2011.

                               BEST WISHES TO ALL

                                   NFPE PALAKKAD