Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The following transfers and postings are ordered in the cadre of Postal Assistants of Palakkad Division.
1.      Sri C Unnikrishnan, PA Olavakot HO to be SPM Kallekulangara vice Sl 2.
2.      Smt C M Vijaya, SPM Kallekulangara to be PA Olavakot HO vice Sl 3.
3.      Smt D S Padma, PA Olavakot to be SPM Chokkanathapuram in the retirement vacancy of Sri K Kesavanunni on 31.05.2012 A/N.
4.      Sri.R Palaniswami, PA Olavakkot to be PA Palakkad HO vice Sl 5.
5.      Sri K Sadanandan, PA Palakkad HO to be PA Olavakkot HO.
6.      Sri M Velayudhan, APM (Mails) Palakkad HO to be SPM Chittur vice Sl 7.
7.      Sri P Shanmughan, SPM Chittur to be SPM Tattamangalam vice Sl 8.
8.      Sri C Krishnan, SPM Tattamangalam to be SPM Ettanur vice Sl 9.
9.      Sri E T Sasidharan, SPM Ettanur to be SPM Tattamangalam South viceSl 10.
10.  Sri C Sukumaran, SPM Tattamangalam South to be SPM Pattancheri in the existing vacancy.
11.  Smt P R Latha, PA Palakkad HO to be SPM Mathur vice Sl 12
12.  Smt R Asha, SPM Mathur to be PA(SA) Palakkad HO vice Sl 13.
13.  Sri P Rajesh, PA(SA) Plakkad HO to be OA(DSM) Divisional Office in the existing vacancy.
14.  Smt M N Lathadevi, PA Palakkad HO to be SPM Palakkad College vice Sl 15.
15.  Smt C C Nanikutty, SPM Palakkad College to be SPM Kalpathy vice Sl 16.
16.  Smt K S Shalini ,SPM Kalpathy to be SPM Pg Engineering College vice Sl 17.
17.  Sri R Balakrishnan, SPM PG Engg College to be PA Palakkad HO vice Sl 18.
18.  Smt M G Reena, PA Palakkad HO to be PA Vadakkanthara vice Sl 19.
19.  Sri M Nandakumar, PA Vadakkanthara to be SPM Vadakkanthara vice Sl 20.
20.  Smt Baby Lathika, SPM Vadakkanthara to be PA Olavakkot HO.
21.  Smt J Ashitha, PA Palakkad HO to be PA Olavakkot vice Sl 22.
22.  Sri K Raveendranathan, PA Olavakkot HO to be SPM Pudunagaram vice sl 23.
23.  Smt V S Sheena, SPM Pudunagaram to be PA Vandithavalam vice Sl 24.
24.  Smt S Prabhavathy, PA Vandithavalam to be PA Kollengode vice Sl 25.
25.   Smt P Vinitha, PA Kollengode to be PA Nemmara vice Sl 26.
26.  Sri P A Chandran, PA Nemmara to be SPM Ayalur vice Sl 27.
27.  Smt R Radhamani, SPM Ayalur to be PA Nemmara.
28.  Sri C B Sreekumar, PA Palakkad HO to be PA Pg Collectorate vice Sl 29.
29.  Smt R Ambili, PA Pg Collectorate to be OA DO vice Sl 30.
30.  Smt P K Sunitha, OA DO to be SPM Pallipuram vice Sl 31.
31.  Sri C Madhusudanan, SPM Pallipuram to be PA Palakkad HO.
32.  Smt V Vijitha, PA Coyalmanna to be OA DO vice Sl 33.
33.  Smt V B Vijayasree, OA DO to be SPM Kanjikode vice Sl 34.
34.  Sri K Janardhanan, SPM Kanjikode to be SPM Ambikapuram vice Sl 35.
35.  Sri C Radhakrishnan, SPM Ambikapuram to be SPM Walayar Dam.
36.  Smt S Jyothi, PA Kanjikode to be PA Kunnathurmedu vice Sl 37.
37.  Sri C Ramesh, PA Kunnathurmedu to be SPM Kunnathurmedu vice Sl 38.
38.  Sri K S Abdul Manaf, SPM Kunnathurmedu to be SPM Kottekkad vice Sl 39.
39.  Sri T P Gopalakrishnan, SPM Kottekkad to be SPM Polpulli vice Sl 40.
40.  Smt U Padmaja, SPM Polpulli to be PA Palakkad HO.
41.  Smt N H Nisha, PA Alathur HO to be SPM Kavassery vice Sl 42.
42.  Sri P T Rajan, SPM Kavassery to be SPM Mankara vice Sl 43.
43.  Smt K  Sarala, SPM Mankara to be SPM Edathara vice Sl 44.
44.  Sri P Satishkumar, SPM Edathara to be PA Palakkad HO.
45.  Sri M Pushpan, PA Alathur HO to be SPM Kilakkancheri vice Sl 46.
46.  Sri K Sreedharan, SPM Kilakkancheri to be SPM Perinkulam vice Sl 47.
47.  Sri M Unnikrishnan, SPM Perinkulam to be SPM Anjumoorthy vice Sl 48.
48.  Smt M Rajalakshmi, SPM Anjumoorthy to be SPM Mudappallur vice Sl 49.
49.  Smt C M Nagaveni, SPM Mudappallur to be SPM Vandali vice Sl 50.
50.  Smt P G Remya, SPM Vandali to be PA Kollengode vice Sl 51.
51.  Smt T R Narayani, PA Kollengode to be SPM Pallassana in the vacant Post
52.  Smt Anuja R, PA Kollengode to be PA Alathur HO vice Sl 53.
53.  Smt T K Praseeda, PA Alathur HO to be SPM Paruthipully vice Sl 54.
54.  Smt P K Hemasundari, SPM Paruthipulli to be SPM Peringottukurissi in the vacant post.
55.  Sri V R Thangappan, PA Coyalmanna to be PA Alathur HO vice Sl 56.
56.  Sri C Sivadasan, PA Alathur HO to be PA Coyalmanna.
57.     Smt Shiny Mohan, PA Chittur to be PA Elapulli vice Sl 58.
58.  Smt M Anisha, PA Elapulli to be PA Chittur.
59.  Smt K Maya, PA Kozhinjampara to be SPM Kozhippara vice Sl 60.
60.  Sri P Ramaraj, SPM Kozhippara to be PA Kozhinjampara.
61.  Smt K M Praseetha, PA Palakkad HO to be SPM Kuttanur vice Sl 62.
62.  Smt P K Sushama, SPM Kuttanur to be SPM Kunissery vice Sl 63.
63.  Smt V Remadevi, SPM Kunissery to be SPM Melarcode in the retirement vacancy of Sri K Krishnaswamy on 30.06.2012 A/N.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Com.Unnikrisnan Chazhiyad, NFPE, welcomed the gathering

Com. C.K Rajendran Inaugurated the seminar (Dis.Secretary CPI(M) )

Subject Presented by : Prof. M M Narayanan 

Com. Saji varghese (BEFI)

Com. M.S Scria (CITU Dist. President)

Com.Murugan. NFPE expressed gratitude.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Madhyamangalude Nikshpakshthayum viswasyathayum

"Madhyamangalude Nikshpakshthayum viswasyathayum

21/04/12 at Moyan LP School , Palakkad.
Com.Unnikrisnan Chazhiyad, NFPE, welcomed the gathering.

Subject Presented by : Com.N.Radhakrishna Nair
Inaugurated by : M.B. Rajesh, MP
Com.Madhusoodhanan. NFPE expressed gratitude.
Members from various service unions participated in the seminar.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Comrades,
History has its own course. Nobody can prevent it.
The Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) Union was formed in the year 1999 by NFPE with the guidance and blessings of Com. K.Adinarayana, the Legendary Leader who scarified his whole life for the emancipation of GDS. But the union was hijacked by a group of persons who are totally against NFPE and thus Com. Adi and NFPE was cheated. They even prevented the GDS employees from shouting the slogan - “NFPE ZINDABAD”. They looted the GDS money in lakhs and crores. They purchased flats and buildings. All the benefits achieved by the NFPE through continuous struggle was snatched away by the Government one by one during the period from 1999 to 2011. Sufferings of the GDS increased but the ‘anti-NFPE group” could not do anything. Neros were fiddling when the Rome was burning. They continued to blame NFPE for their inefficiency. They published open letters in their journal challenging the NFPE leadership.
Through money power and muscle power this “anti-NFPE group” tried to silence all those who questioned the leadership and those protested were sent out of the union in a most undemocratic manner and adhoc-committees were appointed dismissing the duly elected bodies. Even in the earlier All India Conference, GDS delegates who contested against the leadership were not allowed to contest and were brutally attacked and thrown out from the conference hall.
It is at this juncture, the majority of the GDS delegates who attended the All India Conference held at Amaravathi decided to shape their own destiny. The new union of the GDS called “All India Postal Employees Union GDS (NFPE)” was formed on 7th April 2012 by the majority of the delegates. Thus the broken link of GDS with NFPE is restored after a long gap of twelve (12) years. Those black days are over. Once again the GDS are going to march forward under the banner of NFPE. We shall fight together for the cause of GDS. We shall fight against the Govt. which is totally unsympathetic towards the three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks.
In this joint struggle we shall abide by the great traditions of Com. Tarapada Mukherjee, Dada Ghosh, K.G.Bose, N.J.Iyer and Com. Adinarayana. Com: Adi, who fought many a battle for the emancipation of GDS shall be our guiding spirit and the mighty National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) shall be our hope and inspiration.
We shall restore the pride and honour of three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks. We shall unleash series of struggle including strike exclusively for realisation of the GDS demands. We shall restore our past fighting tradition and the glory of GDS.
On this occasion of launching the new website for the GDS, NFPE extend its warm greetings to the three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks.
Let us march ahead with determination.
Victory shall be ours.
Yours sincerely,
Secretary General,
National Federation of Postal
New Delhi, Employees (NFPE)
11-04-2012. New Delhi.