Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sub: Consideration for urgent intervention for settlement of issues related to CBS, CIS & DBT.

National Federation of Postal Employees
All India Postal Employees Union Group C
All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & MTS
All India Postal Employees Union – GDS (NFPE)
The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Palakkad Division, Palakkad 678001

Memo No: NFPE/Agitations/2015 dated 28.10.2015
Sub: Consideration for urgent intervention for settlement of issues related to CBS, CIS & DBT.


The division has burning problems and your immediate intervention is requested for the settlement.


Unmanageable workload is being experienced in sub and  branch offices of this division. It is the duty of the divisional administration to rise to the occasion and to act. The Sub Offices may be permitted to outsource the work. The BPMs are also forced to work beyond their usual working time. Therefore they may be paid some remuneration for the extra work done. These are essential as there is no other way to resolve the issue. As this is a very sensitive issue, besides public complaints, there is every possibility of experiencing untoward incidents at offices due to mass protest. We once again urge upon you to act as per the need of the time. And suitable instructions may be issued to restrict the number of DBT transactions as per the office status as deemed fit and in this regard LSG bodies may be taken into confidence. It is also suggested that an awareness programmes may be carried out among pensioners about silent features of SB accounts and its withdrawal process, through Sub Divisional Head, as done during SB canvassing.


It is known that basic amenities are still lacking for starting migration process. No fruitful training is imparted to officials of CBS designated offices. NSP2 connection is not supporting on NSP1 failures. Laser and passbook printers are not supplied to all offices. The UPS problem is a crucial issue in some offices.  The doubling of bandwidth as ordered by the directorate is seen not followed up from the division. Besides, the divisional head is not supervising the migration work and it is left to the system administrators alone.  In this circumstance, we request you to stop further migration of offices to CBS platform except the already listed offices, Ettanur, Mannapra and Pallippuram till the basic amenities, as detailed below, are provided and workable training is imparted.

1)      Purposeful training to officials at least for 1 week.
2)      NSP 1 and NPS 2 connectivity.
3)     Presence of Divisional Head or an Officer in IP/ASP rank during the entire migration process and they should counter sign in the Sign Off reports
4)     Proper UPS backup.
5)     Enhancement of Sify bandwidth as approved by Dte.

We are shocked to understand that McCamish software is commissioned in the SOs under Alatur HO in the last week of the month that too without giving any sufficient training. We request you to impart training at WCTC or at SOs immediately utilizing the service of the WCTC trainer. The staff may be asked to operate only after formal or informal training. Till that time, acceptance of premium may be suspended in CIS offices. The default fee may be condoned for the time being.

Canvassing of SB Accounts:

 In this grave situation of DBT and pre migratory activities, the divisional administration is compelling SPMs to do house to house campaign and to collect new SB accounts. It is hereby brought to your notice that we are not in a position to do that work at present and the administration should stop such untimely compelling hence forth.

It is our belief that the divisional administration will act in a befitting manner to resolve these issues. We, the grass root level link, facing the public and experiencing the difficulties due to lack of amenities, share our concerns with you and it is your responsibility to settle the issues. It is our hope that the administration will be wise enough to hear us and judiciously.

Yours faithfully

C.Unnikrishnan                         A.G.Sanjeev                                       K.S.Unnikrishnan
Divisional Secretary                Divisional Secretary                          Divisional Secretary
AIPEU Group C                         AIPEU Postmen & MTS                        AIPEU – GDS (NFPE)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Divisional Dharna in Front of SSPO's Office, Palakkad

          NFPE Dharna in front of SSPO's office, Palakkad inaugurated by Com K Vijayakumar, Circle Vice President, NFPE P3, Palakkad

Sunday, October 4, 2015

മുദ്ര 2015

 മുദ്ര 2015 ഗംഭീര വിജയം . 260 ഓളം ജീവന്ക്കാർ പങ്കെടുത്തു . 

   മുദ്ര 2015 വൻ വിജയമാക്കിയ എല്ലാ ജീവനക്കാരേയും  NFPE പാലാക്കാട് അഭിവാദ്യം ചെയ്യുന്നു. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Dear Delegates / Visitors and Members

Transportation facility to reach at Mudra 2015 camp (Dhoni Leads College of Management) is as follows:

1) Bus timing in the morning

From Palakkad Town bus stand : 0800 AM
From Railway Colony                :0820 AM(Same bus)

Also there are buses plying between Palakkad and railway Colony for each 5 minutes.

2) Auto (From Railway Colony to Camp) Rs 45/-  

Step out at Leads College bus stop.

Reception Committee