Saturday, February 27, 2016


Dear Comrades

            NFPE Secretary General wrote to the Secretary, Dept. of Posts for observing 5 days week in Postal Operative Offices. 

Letter is reproduced below:


Monday, February 22, 2016

NFPE Wrote Reminder to SSP, Palakkad regarding various issues

National Federation of Postal Employees
All India Postal Employees Union Group C - (NFPE)


The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices                                                                                                    
Palakkad Division, Palakkad 678001

No: AIPEU PIII/CBS/02 dated at Palakkad the 22.02.2016
Sub: Hardships faced by the PO officials in event of CBS / CIS migrations in Palakkad Division

                This union reiterates the following genuine unsettled demands, which were already brought to the notice of Divisional Administration for several times, to minimize the untold miseries and hardships faced by the PO officials in the aftermath of CBS / CIS migrations in Palakkad Division. Also, this union expresses its deep protests on the attitude of Divisional Administration for not settling the issues pointed out by us previously.

The Poor Performance of Sify network:

                All our newly introduced softwares in Post Offices, Mc Camish & Finacle, are purely depending on the performance of the network to which post offices are connected. But to our dismay, this newly introduced Sify network, imperative for uninterrupted availability of network for post offices, are showing frequent failures since its installation in this division.

2)            One of the main drawbacks may be the low bandwidth. Due to a series of intervention / agitation programmes made by our All India Union in its HQ, now the Directorate has delegated the powers, to enhance the bandwidth of Sify network, to Circle PMGs vide a letter dated 05.02.2016. In its para 3, by removing all its doubts, the Dte has categorically mentioned that minimum connectivity for any of post office under the IT project should be 512 kbps ,in line with the national policy. We think that the ball is now  in the court of Divisional Administration to apprise the Circle PMG the necessity of enhancing the bandwidth of all POs (especially all B, C Class Offices) to at least 512 kbps, with immediate effect, as mentioned in the Dte letter. A copy of this is enclosed for an urgent action from your side.

3)            Even the current low bandwidth network provided in POs are not ensuring free flow of communications resulting in failures of connections to our CBS / CIS servers. It is unfortunate that, in a good number of Post Offices, NSP2 connectivity is either not supporting the Primary Link failures or not provided yet. Further, making the situation worse, the support team of Sify is not rectifying the issues, on time and they are taking long time to settle the complaints rose on failures of Sify network.

4)            Presently, the two important businesses of our Department viz.,  POSB and PLI-RPLI, are dependent  on the performance of  Sify network. Due to the frequent network failure, as narrated above, our Department is losing its customer base since services are not being offered within a time bound manner.  Also , officials are persuaded to do work  till night to close their accounts which is a state of untold miseries. To eliminate this and to create a smooth and happy working atmosphere, necessary steps are to be taken by the administration without fail.

Lack of laser Printers

                This union was assured by Divisional Administration that all offices will be provided with laser printers, before migration, a promise not fulfilled yet. Since Finacle & Mc Camish reports can be printed only in Laser Printers, once again we request to supply printers to all needy offices without any further delay.

Supply of  User Manual
Copy of the User manual in print form may be supplied to all   the   migrated offices as done in some other divisions.

Formation of Help Desk for Finacle and Mc Camish
                 In the last monthly meeting, it was agreed to set up help desk for Finacle and Mccamish to assist the field offices. This union has noticed that no orders are issued on this subject up to this time. As migrations are taking place without adequate training now, the formation of Help Desk will be of great help. We wonder why our request is sidelined by the divisional administration.

Our officials in POs (including BOs) are working hard, even beyond working hours and upto night, for ensuring good services to our customers. They are doing this even after suffering untold miseries and hardships. Now it is the responsibility of the Divisional Administration to rise to the occasion for providing the basic infrastructure for creating a convenient working atmosphere. Thus we once again request your urgent intervention on the issues mentioned in this and its previous letters.

This letter is in the light of the discussions in the divisional council of our union held on 21.02.2016.The growing discontent was well reflected in the discussions through out. Procuring business is possible only with the whole hearted support and enthusiasm of the officials. The divisional administration is responsible for providing a congenial working atmosphere in our division. So it is our hope that the divisional administration will find time to settle all the core issues immediately.

With regards,

Yours Sincerely

(C Unnikrishnan)
Divisional Secretary

Saturday, February 20, 2016

NJCA on 7th CPC


                 No.NJCA/2016                                                              Dated: 19.02.2016

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Brief of the NJCA meeting held on 19.02.2016 with the Convener, Implementation Cell, Ministry of Finance (Government of India), reg. 7th CPC recommendations and Charter       of Demands of the NJCA

A meeting of the NJCA held today with the Convener, Implementation Cell, Ministry of Finance, Shri R.K. Chaturvedi, wherein we discussed and emphasized on all the 26-point Charter of Demands of the NJCA send to the Cabinet Secretary on 10.12.2015. 
We agitated the issues of NPS, Minimum Wage, Multiplying Factor, deduction of HRA and all other important issues.
The Convener, Implementation Cell, Shri Chaturvedi, after hearing everybody, said that, he would put-up the issues to the Cabinet Secretary, and hopefully a meeting of the JCA would be held with the Cabinet Secretary and the Empowered Committee shortly within 15 days.
Let us not leave any stone unturned for preparations of the strike.
With Best Wishes!
            Shiva Gopal Mishra

Tuesday, February 9, 2016



National Joint Council of Action
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi – 110055
No.NJC/2015/7th CPC                                                                              February 9, 2016

            All Constituents of NJCA

            Dear Comrade

            The NJCA met on 08.02.2016 as scheduled. The meeting after taking into account various factors decided that the proposed indefinite strike will commence from 11.04.2016 if no settlement is brought about on the charter of demands by that time. The meeting also took the following decisions.

1.    Strike notice will be served by the NJCA and all its constituents on 11.03.2016 by holding massive demonstration.
2.    There will be a massive Rally on 11.03.2016 at Delhi and leaders of NJCA will make it possible to attend the said rally and the strike notice will be served on Cabinet Secretary, Government of India.
3.    All the National JCA leaders will attend Rally at the State Capitals/big industrial centres during the month March and April, 2016. Dates will be finalised in consultation with the concerned State JCA.
4.    To strengthen the campaign, the NJCA will place on the website a pamphlet explaining the demands.
5.    Posters will be centrally designed and kept in the website for State JCAs and constituents to adopt.
6.    All Constituents will undertake independent campaign programmes in the month of March 2016 to popularize the demands.
7.    29th March will be observed as solidarity day throughout the country unitedly by all the Constituents of NJCA.
8.    The indefinite strike will commence at 6 am on 11.04.2016.
9.    The updated Charter of Demands on which the indefinite strike is to be organized is enclosed.
10. The Constituent organizations may add sectional demands as Part B of the Charter of Demands of the NJCA

            The National JCA appeals all constituents to make intensive campaigns to make the strike an unprecedented success.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Charter of Demands

1.    Settle the issues raised by the NJCA on the recommendations of the 7 CPC sent to Cabinet Secretary vide letter dated 10th December 2015
2.    Remove the injustice done in the assignment of pay scales to technical/safety categories etc. in Railways& Defence, different categories in other Central Govt establishments by the 7 CPC
3.    Scrap the PFRDA Act and NPS and grant Pension/family Pension to all CG employees under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 & Railways Pension Rules, 1993
4.    i) No privatization, /outsourcing/contractorisation of governmental functions
ii) Treat GDS as Civil Servants and extend proportional benefit on pension and allowances to the GDS
5.    No FDI in Railways & Defence; No corporatization of Defence Production Units and Postal Department.
6.    Fill up all vacant posts in the government departments, lift the ban on creation of posts; Regularise the casual/contract workers
7.    Remove ceiling on compassionate ground appointments
8.    Extend the benefit of Bonus Act,1965 amendment on enhancement of payment ceiling to the adhoc Bonus/PLB of Central Government employees with effect from the Financial year 2014-15
9.    Ensure Five promotions in the service career of an employee
10. Do not amend Labour Laws in the name of Labour Reforms which will take away the existing benefits to the workers
11. Revive JCM functioning at all levels

Friday, February 5, 2016

To The  Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Palakkad 678001
P3/MM/feb 2016 /02.02.2016


Sub:Monthly Meeting   dtd  04.02.2015

The following items may kindly be included in the discussion in the monthly meeting.

1.       Initiating  helpdesk for Finacle an Mc Camish software operative queries.
2.       Local training class at WCTC palakkad for both the new softwares .
3.       Supply of modified sb rulings /procedures in the light of CBS implementation. Adherence of correct rules and procedures may be ensured uniformally  through out the division .  
4.       Supply of finacle user manual.
5.       Connectivity failures- remedial measures –c/o Anjumoorthy, Pudiyankam.,Erimayur,Paruthipully,Polpully,Koduvayur ,Perinkulam Mudappallur .
6.       The availability of IInd NSP may be checked and ensured in all offices. c/o Cyalmanna,Mannur,PG Collectorate,Kollengode, Kongad,Chittur, Vadakkanherry, Nurani etc.
7.       Ensuring adequate supply of continuous supply of computer stationeries ,good quality    MPCM stickers, ribbons etc.
8.       Maintenance of Password secrecy. Steps may be taken to initiate Sol ID change at least at Divisonal level.
9.       Supply of laser printers and PB printers .
10.    Ensuring quality of UPS batteries to get adequate backup  .c/o Pallavur, Thenkurissi, Erimayur, Kunissery, Kallekulangara, Nurani, Sekharipuram,Nattukal,Vadavannuretc.
11.    System issues- New systems may be supplied to all A class offices where the systems available are pretty old. c/o Parli , Pg collectorate ,Chandanagar, Tattamangalam , Nemmara, Kollengode, Vadakkancherry, Kottayi, Coyalamanna , Mannur, Kongad, Kallekulangara, Kotumbu, Kuttanur,Polpully,Mundur,Nurani , Pg City, Kanjikode, Peringottukurissi etc

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

( Divisional Secretary Aipeu group C,NFPE)
Palakkad 678009 Kerala
Mob -9497267274

Thursday, February 4, 2016


National Federation of Postal Employees
Palakkad Division, Palakkad  - 678001

Date 04/02/2016
The Sr.Supdt of Post Offices
Palakkad Division 


We know that all of us are working in totally different atmosphere provided by the project vendors identified for various technological revamp of the age old traditional postal services. More than thirty Sub offices were migrated to CBS within three months after the migration of three HOs early last year in our division. It is a fact that an unnecessary hurriedness is taking place for  CBS migration of remaining offices also. Our field offices are now facing incalculable miseries and untold sufferings due to unpreparedness and lack of proper support. Though it may sound , many of the reasons behind these issues are universal across the nation in nature, solutions can be provided locally to the extent possible and can be escalated to higher-ups effectively for a perennial solution. As a responsible union, we are more interested to settle the problems facing by our toiling  employees   rather than indicting the local administration for its lack of sincerity,  empathy and backing. Taking stock of this serious prevailing situation, the following problems are put forwarded  for your immediate intervention and action on war footing :

  1. A DO level HELPDESK for Finacle and Mccamish must be provided immediately to guide the staff effectively. This will mitigate many of the problems arising out of doubts and ignorance of the new rulings and  procedures .
  2.  A finacle trained personnel is to be compulsorily be deputed to all the newly migrating offices for three days , without applying any criteria. Migration may be initiated only after ensuring the availability of trained personnel.
  3. CBS SOL/Role changes are to be ensured along with deputation by staff branch the failure of which will affect SB transactions for a day. These requests can be made atleast  in cases where leave application or training orders are received well in advance.Our valued customers are in extreme despair along with operative staff due to inaccessibility of finacle due to delay in  Sol/Role change of users on time. We are of the opinion that  such processes are to be performed within one hour of such requests. Action may also be taken effectively up in the administrative hierarchy  for its lasting solution.
  4. Fruitful training  on Finacle and Mccamish to be imparted at WCTC
  5. All the  relevant CBS (SB) forms must be made available to all offices initially as a special case before   GO LIVE.
  6. It was  assured earlier  that,   a separate team from DO including  Inspecting officers would be sent  to offices scheduled for migration to ascertain the preparedness . This  is not seen adhered to.
  7. The pre-requisites , as furnished below ,for CBS migration as prescribed by directorate in the relevant order has to be ensured at  offices :
·         Sufficient no. of systems with Windows 7 by replacing all ouitdated systems
·         Laserjet printer
·         Passbook printer
·         Incessant connectivity from SIFY . (Both NSP 1 and 2)
·         Uninterruptable power supply  with sufficient backup time.

  1. The so called finacle manuals available in the FTP site is outdated. Action may please be taken to update and revised materials may be circulated to offices in soft copy.
  2. The speed with which the NSP 1 and 2 are connected are to be measured at offices  with any standard tools designed for the purpose.( Facility is understood to have available at RO) Switching NSP 1 as  NSP2 and vice versa may be carried out at divisional level as per the needs due to instability of primary links.
  3. The reason and remedy for the low connectivity pointed out in the recently forwarded DO letter lack in sincerity in actions. The restrictions such as login as active directly users only and avoiding public email services are   foreign subjects to SPMs at present. Instead of providing the improved facilities, divisional administration makes a mockery of the directorate instructions.
  4. Signing off on migration for offices that do not have regular SPMs , may be done by concerned Sub divisional /Divisional head. Signing off by deputed hands is to be strictly avoided.
  5. Mccamish data migration was a failure in PALAKKAD division. Credits  pertaining to November and December 2015 was unavailable when migrated in December last week resulting most of the policies un-updated on site. The specific  action plan ,  if any is formulated  to update all the accounts on site may please be intimated.
  6. The procedure to account BO transactions during FINACLE/power failures may be circulated to all offices.
  7. Insecurity to lady staff who are complled to work during late hours may be addressed by taking all aspects into consideration.
  8. Inspecting officers may be  directed  to ascertain the problems being faced by all migrated offices as a one time effort. This process is to be completed within a stipulated time frame.
  9. PLI/RPLI incentives may be released in full quantum.
  10. All pending bills may be cleared projecting required funds
We understand, comprehending and resolving  the organizational and operational problems requires a collective participation of workers and the management.   We reiterates our wholehearted co operation to achieve the organizational goals through  employees and public satisfaction . In this daunting time,  we once again request your immediate personal attention to support  our offices and employees , shedding  all administrative callousness  by resolving the issues mentioned earlier. 

Yours faithfully,

Divisional Secretary