Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reporting issues to Divisional Office

Dear Comrades,

Please start sending emails to DO regarding the operational failures at your office due to Inaccessibility of Finacle, Poor network- non functioning of NSP1/ NSP2 or UPS failures etc...
Most of the offices are not in the habit of reporting problems to DO. Our Divisional Administration is not aware of the actual scenario at operative side.
Reporting problems to appropriate levels is a way to safeguard us from so called 'responsibility fixing' methods of administration.

Specimen of finacle problem reporting to DO

Due to Finacle inaccessibility , many SB transactions could not be entertained / completed . Even EOD operations, including verification of transactions, are difficult to perform due to site problem. The other MPCM operations are also badly affected due to the excessive time to be spent in finacle for each  transaction feeding.Time could not be spent for canvassing new business. Daily late sitting at office due to this results in lethargy .


NFPE, Palakkad